The primary aim of Nuclear Physics is striving to understand the origin, structure, evolution, and phases of strongly interacting matter, which constitutes nearly 100% of the visible matter in the Universe. Despite the great breakthroughs and achievements in the past decades, there still exists overarching questions that animate nuclear physics today. HIAF characterized with uunprecedented intense beams aims to produce a large variety of exotic nuclear matters not normally found on Earth, mainly including short-lived extremely neutron-rich and proton-rich nuclides, neutron-rich hypernuclei and hypernuclei with double strangeness, and finite nuclear matters in the QCD phase diagram. Therefore, HIAF will bring scientists to the forefront of promoting the most vigorous and fascinating fields in nuclear physics, such us to explore the limit to the existence of nuclei in terms of proton and mass numbers, to find exotic nuclear structure and study the physics behind, to understand the origin of the heavy elements in the cosmos, to depict the QCD phase diagram of nuclear matter, etc.