HIAF and CIADS projects complete preliminary design review


From March 23 to 24, entrusted by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Chinese Academy of Sciences organized experts to hold the Twelfth Five-Year Plan in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, on the basis of the "Approval of the Feasibility Study Report of the National Development and Reform Commission on the High Current Heavy Ion Accelerator Project" and the "Approval of the Feasibility Study Report of the National Development and Reform Commission on the Accelerator-Driven Transmutation Device Project". The preliminary design reports of the major scientific and technological infrastructures "HIAF" and "CiADS" projects were reviewed and field reconnaissance was carried out.

Review meeting site

The expert group is composed of 37 experts from Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Institute of High Energy Physics, Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Atomic Energy Sciences, China Guangzhou Nuclear Group Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Institute of Architectural Design. Shen Wenqing, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, served as the group leader. Zheng Xiaonian, deputy director of the Bureau of Conditions Guarantee and Finance of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, chaired the meeting. Li Fei, Director of Innovation and Development Branch of Guangdong Development and Reform Commission, Hu Jianbin, Executive Vice Mayor of Huizhou City, representatives of Guangzhou Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sino-foreign Construction Engineering Design and Consulting Co., Ltd. and technical backbone of HIAF and CIADS project team were attended by more than 60 participants. Hu Jianbin delivered a welcoming speech and said that the Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government will continue to support and attach great importance to the promotion of the two major scientific installations projects of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, so as to ensure the smooth start of the construction of the two installations. Li Fei, speaking on behalf of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, said that the provincial government would continue to support the installation construction and follow-up work.

Xiao Guoqing, Director of Institute of Modern Physics and Project Manager of HIAF, on behalf of HIAF and CIADS project undertakers, thanked experts and leaders for their guidance and reported the preliminary design report of HIAF project. Xu Hushan, Deputy Director, and Project Manager of CiADS reported the general report of CiADS project. Yang Jiancheng, Chief Engineer of HIAF project, Ma Lizhen, Chief Engineer of CiADS project, He Yuan and Chief Engineer of CiADS project. Artist Zhang Junhui reported on the project's process design report, building installation and general facilities report.

After listening to the report, reviewing the relevant information and surveying the site of the plant area, the experts attending the meeting had a full discussion and inquiry with the designers, and finally formed the expert evaluation opinions of preliminary design of HIAF and CIADS projects respectively. The evaluation expert group believes that the contents and objectives of HIAF and CIADS projects meet the approval requirements of the feasibility study report, the preliminary design depth meets the relevant requirements of the state, and the investment estimates are basically reasonable. The expert group agreed to adopt the preliminary design report of HIAF and CIADS projects, and recommended that the project contractors further improve the preliminary design report according to expert opinions, carry out follow-up work as soon as possible, and strive for an early start of construction.