The Institute of Modern Physics is establishing the High Intensity Heavy-ion Accelerator Facility (HIAF) as a  scientific user facility sponsored by the National Development and Reform Commission of China. HIAF will enable scientists to perform a large variety of modern nuclear physics experiments with outstanding potential of scientific discoveries, and the primary physics goals mainly include:

· To explore the limit to the existence of nuclei in terms of proton and mass numbers

· To find exotic nuclear properties and recognize the physics behind

· To understand the origin of chemical elements in the Universe, and 

· to depict the Quantum Chromodynamics phase diagram of nuclear matter

  In order to study these overarching physics, we will build a number of experimental setups employing the intense stable beams and various radioactive beams with energies from MeV/u to GeV/u available at HIAF. The experimental apparatuses and related major physics are introduced below, clicking the links to see details. 

·Experimental Equipment and Physics @the Linac

·Experimental Equipment and Physics @the Booster Ring 

·Experimental Equipment and Physics @the HFRS 

·Experimental Equipment and Physics @the Spectrometer Ring


    Additionally, HIAF will provide an excellent platform to develop heavy-ion applications for society, including in medicine, life sciences, space sciences, and material sciences.