The HIAF users will be organized into dedicated collaborations in which scientists have a major common interest. In each collaboration, users will work together to develop experimental techniques, build detector system, and define physics program. Spokespersons of the collaboration convene regularly working meeting, coordinate research work, and interact with the HIAF Project Manager Board. 


Presently, the user community includes several collaborations, such as the collaboration of low energy fusion reactions, the collaboration of multi-nucleon transfer reactions, the collaboration of high-energy physics, the HFRS collaboration, and the collaboration for storage ring-based experiments. For large-scale collaborations, working groups are established to develop specific technique and build dedicated detector systems. If you are interested in joining the HIAF user community, please contact the spokespersons.


The HIAF Project Manager Board’s office works closely with the collaborations to provide updated information regarding the project progress and to collect the requirements and needs from users. If some important or urgent issues have to be discussed, the office will convene coordination meetings, and report the solutions to the Project Manager Board.