The HIAF Project Team is establishing HIAF as one of the Major National Science and Technology Infrastructure Facilities in order to elevate China’s global visibility and competitiveness in heavy-ion science and technology. HIAF is a user facility for research employing stable heavy-ion beams and rare isotopes. It will be open to researchers from all over the world based on the merit of their proposals. 


The ultimate success of HIAF is intimately tied to a world-class user community who is able to develop novel experimental techniques and methods and make outstanding scientific discoveries. Therefore, we call upon genuinely the expertise, aspirations, and resources of a host of collaborators. The existing collaborations based on the Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou, comprising hundreds of researchers from home and abroad, are the core for the future HIAF user community. HIAF sincerely welcomes researchers from universities, institutes, industries, and nonprofits from around the world. We anticipate that the HIAF user community will comprise over thousand scientists, postdoctoral research associates, and graduate students, and eventually a world-class research strength will focus on the facility. 


Anyone intended to conduct researches at HIAF is welcome to join the HIAF user community!